You will see 4 different scarves in the 46th.

Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scoutsscout_scarfe

Scarlet on the right and gold on the left.

From the RCMP.

Symbolizing courage and wisdom.




venturer_scarfe1Venturer Scouts

In the ancient past, Venturers (that’s before they were called Venturer Scouts), from Groups in the Kitsilano District, merged to form one company.  A scarfe was created, incorporating the colours of all the groups involved.

rover_scarfeRover Scouts

Green with the Skookum logo in yellow.
Colours of the Kitsilano District (before it was reorganized into Pacific Spirit Area).
Together with  the dress kilt, it was inherited from the Kitsilano District 18th Skookum Rover Crew.


squire_scarfeYou may also see plain white scarves worn by Rover Scout squires (Rover Scouts who are not yet invested).