Survival Kit

Survival Kit Contents

  1. Matches: Wooden, strike anywhere, waterproof or lighter.
  2. Compass
  3. Knife – in kit or on person
  4. Cup of Soup – 1 package
  5. Hot Chocolate – 1 package
  6. First Aid – Adhesive tape and bandages
  7. Pencil and Paper
  8. Aluminum Foil – 2 sheets approximately 5 meters
  9. Bouillon Cubes, sugar cubes or packets
  10. Small candle ( not Birthday candles )
  11. Whistle


The Troop will supply the following for your kit:

  1. Fire Starter
  2. Large Orange Garbage Bag

Place all these contents in a plastic or metal container. The Kit should be as small as possible as you will be required to take it to all camps.

PDF Version