Winter Camp Personal Equipment List


Pack all clothing in plastic bags and then put in your pack/bag.  Can do one change of clothing per bag. Buy large zip lock bags. You want your clothing to stay dry – at least until you put it on.
You are aiming for a couple of complete changes of clothing plus extra socks, mittens, t-shirts, etc
Layering is good. Can add or remove clothes to match the conditions.

  • Long johns / long underwear – a couple of pair
  • Socks
    • 4 pair heavy wool socks
    • 4 pair light socks – to be warn under the heavy socks
  • Shirts – 2 to 3
    • heavy material; wool works best
  • T-Shirts – 4 or more
    • to wear under shirt
  • Sweater
    • large enough to pull over shirt, roomy
    • sweat shirt with hood works well
    • if not a turtleneck, pack a scarf to over your neck
  • Pants
    • first choice would be wool or snow/ski
    • next choice would be cords
    • blue jeans are not good – the absorb water and are very hard to dry at camp
  • Toque – 2 to 3 – a must
  • Mittens – 2 to 3 pair
  • Jacket
    • used with layering to keep you warm
    • note that down will not keep you warm if it gets wet…
  • Snowboots
    • waterproof
    • not too tight, even with the two pairs of socks on (heavy over light).
      Tight boots result in cold feet.
  • Plastic bags – fruit/vegetable, bread, grocery – can be used as a backup if socks and footwear all get wet.
  • Sunglasses
  • Gaiters (optional)
  • Rain gear – a dry scout is a warm scout


  • Survival Kit
  • Eating kit – in its own bag
    • plastic bowl
    • unbreakable bowl or mug
    • knife, fork and spoon
  • Water bottle – avoid metal
  • Flash light
  • Toiletry kit – also in its own bag
    • small hand towel and wash cloth
    • soap, tooth brush and tooth paste
  • Sun screen and lip protection


  • Sleeping bags – TWO bags (2)
    • each of the TWO bags packed in a plastic bag then in its stuff sack
      (a dry scout is a warm scout)
  • Sleeping pad – ensolite, compressed foam. Not an air mattress
  • Sleep wear
    • complete (yes,everything) change of clothing for each night. Clothing worn during the day will at least be damp – and a dry scout is a warm scout. If you don’t change all layers, you will be cold and/or have cold bits.
    • If you sleeping bag does not have a hood, wear a toque or a hooded sweatshirt.
    • Sleep wear is not worn during the day

If you don’t have it all for Winter Camp…

Then sign up for some of the spare equipment………

Be dry and layered….